The purpose of this page is to provide guidelines to external parties on how to display HERE copyright notices and, the HERE name in copy. Contact brand@here.com for additional guidance or to answer specific questions.

General information

  • © means "copyright".
  • © is a reserved right notice concerning any work that can be copyrighted. This symbol is generally followed by the year of first publication and the name of the copyright holder. The aim is to inform any third parties of the copyright ownership, to deter potential infringers and to support enforcement of the copyright.
  • The copyright notice indicates:
    • the year(s) the material was created;
    • the owner of the material at hand;
    • that the material is not available for unrestricted use, but that there are restrictions and terms for the use of the copyrighted material.
Instructions for use

Any material (e.g. the Map canvas, Web pages, Presentations, Marketing Material, Advertising, etc.) owned by HERE and used by external parties should have the following copyright notice:

© 201X HERE


  • Change the X to correspond to the year when the material was published for the first time.
  • If the material was created during several consequent years, mark the years as
    (© 2013-2015 HERE).
  • If the material was created during several non-consequent years, mark each year as
    (© 2014, 2016 HERE).
  • If the time of creation of the material cannot be determined conclusively, then take current year by default.
  • For material in page format, the copyright notice should be placed at the left or right bottom corner of every page of the material.
  • In tablet and desktop sized products showing the map canvas, the HERE copyright should be displayed on the map. In mobile handsets, including watches and embedded in-car systems, the HERE copyright may alternatively be displayed in the ‘About HERE’ section in the Settings. In applications supporting all display sizes, the HERE copyright should be displayed on the map and in the ‘About HERE’ section in the Settings.
  • External parties may not remove existing copyright notices from HERE material.

HERE and Partner copyright notices

When Partner & HERE copyright notices are required, display on separate lines, with HERE following the Partner copyright notice, as follows:


© 201X Partner

© 201X HERE


In application interfaces or map displays, if space constraints do not allow display on separate lines, then display both notices on a single line, with at least two spaces apart, as follows:


© 201X Partner  © 201X HERE