The HERE logo represents who we are.

Consisting of a word mark and a symbol, the HERE Logo was formed from the distillation of all data points and data streams as well as contextual information into one concentrated point of reference.  The word mark, which has been modified to ensure better legibility in smaller sizes, is at a 45° angle, denoting a location and a firmly anchored stake in the ground. The added brand symbol or “missing piece”, is representative of not only the missing part of the “H” in our word mark but also of our location pointer, an intrinsic part of our business now and in the future.





Basic Rules

The HERE logo consists of a HERE wordmark and a brand triangular symbol. 

The HERE logo
The logo is a combination of the HERE wordmark and the brand symbol.

The HERE brand symbol
The symbol is derived from ‘the missing piece’ of the ‘h’ in the wordmark. The symbol represents location. 

Minimum size for print & digital

These two elements are fixed in their proportions, and should not be changed. Same goes for the angle of the wordmark - that stays at 45°. Because the triangular symbol is part of the logo, it should not be used without the wordmark. It also should not be used as a tool, pattern or any other decoration.

Logo Variations
Whenever possible the HERE logo should be used with the symbol in HERE Aqua, as shown in the “positive version” below. But depending on the background you’re working with, different variations of the logo may be used. The two-colored logo (positive or negative version) should always be used on white and gray backgrounds.

Positive version on white background

Negative version on gray background

Negative version with secondary color symbol on images (only in combination with the unfold)

Negative solid version on HERE Aqua

Negative solid version on unfold background

Solid color version for one color printing only

Logo Clear Space

Clear space is kind of a big deal. It ensures the HERE logo is impactful and is displayed consistently. For best results, other elements or text should not appear in this area.

Clear space

The measuring unit for this clear space is the symbol. As a general rule, minimum logo clear space is two symbol units.

Additional clear space may be needed depending on special on-screen usages. In this case, you’ll have to check with the brand team.

Incorrect Usage
The HERE logo should always be treated with respect, so make sure you don’t change or recreate it. You don't need to reinvent the wheel - please download the official HERE logo from the Brand Live website so you know you have the correct final artwork.

Do not change the proportions

Do not separate the symbol and wordmark

Do not recolor the symbol or the wordmark

Do not put the logo in a box 

Do not use the colored symbol on unfold backgrounds 

Do not use cut-out versions of the symbol or wordmark 

Do not use dropshadows 

Do not place the logo on busy images

Usage Examples

We’ve pulled together a variety of examples that illustrate ways the HERE brand logo can be used.

Download Assets

Logo files package

There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with our new brand than by using it. Download the logo and bring HERE brand to life.