Overview: what’s in a name?

A name, whether it identifies a product, solution, service, event, or company, is a corporate asset.


A name can distinguish our products and services from others in the industry. It can help communicate what our products and services are, what they do, or what benefits they deliver. It can help generate awareness and make selling easier. And a name can be used to link families of related products together, as well as position products in our portfolio relative to each other and to the competition.


If you’ve ever had a child, a pet, or even a project in need of a code name, then you’re already a namer. These guidelines will explain how to take that skill and apply it to naming products and services at HERE. The goal of these guidelines to help you develop names that make sense to all audiences and help build the HERE brand.


This guide outlines the HERE naming philosophy, what you need to know about HERE name types, creating the right name, and the step-by-step process that takes you through the experience of developing a name and getting it searched, approved, and launched. You’ll also find instructions on developing internal names and code names, a glossary of terms, and links to tools that can help with name creation efforts.


If you have any questions or need assistance regarding names or name development, contact brand@here.com

Naming Philosophy

The HERE approach to naming products, services, and initiatives is to use the HERE brand name in conjunction with real, English-language words that are descriptive of the offer or initiative. Names such as “Venues,” “Open Location Platform,” and “Fuel Prices” are all examples of descriptive names in the HERE portfolio. The reason for this approach is simple: descriptive names are the easiest to create, easiest to manage, are the most cost effective and most importantly, make it easy for people to quickly understand what a product or service is, what it does, or the benefits it delivers.


With a descriptive naming approach we keep the focus on building the HERE brand. And adding HERE to a descriptive name not only makes your product or service distinctive in the marketplace, it also confers all the benefits that come from associating it with our company brand. Google, GE, FedEx, Virgin, and other global brands have adopted a similar naming philosophy. And Mercedes and BMW take this concept of one step further, using only letters and numbers to identify their products. So obviously this approach to naming puts us in good company.


That said, there might be times when a product, service, or other initiative calls for something more unique than a descriptive name. HERE has several products and services with registered trademark names. Please reach out to brand@here.com to see if what you’re naming meets the criteria for something other than a descriptive name.


But, for the most part, companies adopting a descriptive naming philosophy have made a deliberate decision to focus on building a strong corporate brand, rather than fragment their efforts building multiple product or service brands and sub-brands. That’s the decision HERE has made, too.


If you have a product, program or other item to be named, you’ll need to fill out a creative brief and submit it to brand@here.com. Our Brand Manager, Rachel Jiang, will work with you to discuss the naming process and develop a timeline that works for the project needs.


Find the form here


As you fill out the brief and offer potential names, consider that there are a number of online tools available to help in the quest to find the right one. Below are just a few so take a look!

Dictionary / reverse dictionary






Visual Thesaurus


Trademark search (USA)


Trademark search (EU)


Trademark search (EU, US, others)


Rhyming dictionary


Portmanteau generator


Acronym definitions


Domain search