To express our brand in photography we carefully select photographs representing our mission, products and their use cases, and our knowledge of location.

These brand images illustrate our fascination and understanding of the world, our role as location experts and the impact of our products in one holistic visual story. Where possible, photography should fill the space or frame and can even break out of the frame to enhance the visual impact. 


Multiple perspectives

The HERE photography is divided into 4 different photographic perspectives. From our highest ‘from above’ imagery, to our closest imagery with a product focus, each layer serves to tell HERE brand stories by showing the most relevant view.

From above view

Using the ‘from above’ perspective we symbolically reflect our in-depth knowledge as location experts, while showing precision and highlighting expertise. We bring to light things that are not visible from the ground level.

This perspective can be used as a general overview or an introduction to a topic. Straight from above to emphasize precision.

Flat angle view

This perspective can be used as a general overview or an introduction to a topic. 

90 degree flat angle perspective can be varying distances from subject.

Situation view

Clearly showing use and/or situation. Multiple/dramatic perspectives extreme angles should be used.

Product does not have to be visible.

Product focus

The product is always the focus from a first person perspective.

The situation and the product use should be visible in background.

Aspect ratios
As a general guideline, it’s good practice to crop imagery using standard aspect ratios. Choosing a set of three ratios, as shown below, gives a good variety of options without being too restrictive.

1:1: The square-crop aspect ratio is great for use in creating image grids, for thumbnail use in editorial layouts and perfect for social media posts.

4 : 3: This aspect ratio is one of the most common used in photography. It can be used in both landscape (H) and portrait (V) orientations.

16 : 9: This aspect ratio is great for cropping video image thumbnails, but is also a good ratio for large promotional spaces on a home page.

Rule of thirds

Try to use the rule of thirds when cropping images to create a more dynamic composition. 

Example 01: a flat-angle-view image cropped using the rule of thirds.

This way you will keep the subject away from the center and prevent the scene from being divided by a horizon line running through the center of the composition.

Example 02: a product-focused image cropped using the rule of thirds.

Usage Examples

We’ve pulled together a variety of examples that illustrate ways that the HERE brand photography can be used.

Download Assets

Photography files package

There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with our new brand than by using it. Download photography and bring HERE to life.