The purpose of this page is to provide guidelines to external parties on how to display HERE trademarks and, the HERE name in copy. Contact brand@here.com for additional guidance or to answer specific questions.

General information

  • TM means "Trademark".
  • A trademark must be used correctly and consistently; otherwise, there is a risk of dilution and loss of exclusivity.
  • TM is a symbol indicating that the name or logo used with the symbol is considered to be a trademark.
  • The aim of the TM symbol is to inform any third parties of the trademark ownership, to deter potential infringers and to support enforcement of the trademark.
  • HERE trademarks are to be used with or without the TM symbol, as indicated below.
  • HERE has registered its trademarks globally but does not use the ® Registered trademark symbol.

Instructions for use

Key HERE Trademarks (Logos) are:

HERE Logo:




HERE Favicon:



No trademark symbols are used with the above HERE Logos.


Key HERE Trademarks (Wordmarks) are:



The above trademarks (Wordmarks) are used with the TM symbol.

The following trademark notice must be included when using the above trademarks (Logos and Wordmarks):

“Name” (insert trademark name, e.g. HERE Logo) is a trademark or registered trademark of HERE Global B.V.


“Names” (insert trademark names, e.g. HERE Logo, REALITY INDEX) are trademarks or registered trademarks of HERE Global B.V.


  • The TM symbol should only be used the first time the trademark appears on each page or material. No need to repeat it every time.
  • The trademark notice should be included on all advertising and documentation related to HERE products such as advertising material, product documentation, user guides and packaging.
  • The trademark notice should be placed at the bottom of the same page of the material where the trademark (HERE Logos and Wordmarks) is used for the first time.
  • The trademarks of HERE should never be connected directly to other product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names (e.g., not: Brand X MapcareTM program).
  • Do not use a trademark as a generic term, but consider the trademark to define the noun. (i.e., not: mapcare updating service, but: MAPCARETM map updating service).
  • Do not pluralize a trademark (e.g: MAPCARES) or make it possessive (e.g: MAPCARE’s).
  • Do not use an article unless the product name is followed by the descriptive noun
  • (e.g: The HERE MAPCARETM map updating service…; not: The HERE MAPCARETM has...).
  • Do not type trademarks in any characters other than Latin unless specifically agreed upon.
  • External parties may not…
    • use the trademarks more prominently than their product or service name;
    • use the trademarks on promotional merchandise that they are selling or distributing (such as t-shirts, pens, etc.);
    • do or say anything or use the trademarks in a way that implies affiliation with, or sponsorship, approval or endorsement by HERE of their products or services;
    • alter, animate, or distort the trademarks or combine them with any other symbols, words, images or designs, or incorporate them into a slogan or tagline.
Use of HERE in copy
  • In copy, “HERE” should always be written in all caps, (e.g. HERE, HERE Technologies).
  • When “HERE“ is mentioned for the first time, refer to it as “HERE Technologies”; subsequent mentions may just state “HERE”.