The HERE corporate typeface is Fira Sans.

It’s a humanist sans-serif typeface. We use it in various weights and styles to bring a lively, human quality to our brand. Fira Sans is a functional, cross-platform typeface perfectly suited for the modern, digital world.





The Fira Sans family

The complete Fira Sans family contains 64 weights. Eight weights were carefully selected to be used for all HERE communication.

Fira Sans light

Fira Sans book

Fira Sans medium

Fira Sans bold


It allows us to be flexible but readable and function at the same time.

Always use sentence case
For general body copy, intro text headlines, subheadlines, quotes and even impact text.

There is one exception.
When referring to our brand name, please use capital letters to spell HERE.

'Fira Sans Book'
should be used instead of 'regular'. For example general body copy should be set in Fira Sans Book.

Type Placement

For print, the general placement principle for typography is 'top and bottom'. Headlines and content adopt this 'top and bottom' relationship to ensure that there is always a consistent structure to HERE typography layouts.

This structure governs text principles across all printed applications.

Type justification

As a general principle, type should always be left aligned. Where appropriate or dictated by media, type can be right aligned. But please avoid centre justification.

Always use left align text.
Any kind of type should always be lieft aligned.

Please avoid:
using center text.

Where appropriate 
or directed by media, type can be right aligned.

Type sizing

For print layouts use a simple principle when setting up type sizing: it all starts with the body copy. The body copy defines font sizes for all other type elements (e.g. headlines, sublines, intro text, etc.) in cases when there is no body copy, the smallest text size defines the larger typographic elements.

The type sizing selection is determined by the kind of content and media format, e.g. a headline can be either 5x or 10x depending on the specific requirements of that layout task.

My default image
Impactful statements

The impactful statement style should be big and bold. It's the only exception from our type size principle, as it has no relation to the body copy size. The size of the type should be defined by the content frame of the format. The statement should fill out the page. The typeface for impactful statements is Fira Sans Bold with a line spacing of 105%.

The statement is used for the key messages, which should be short and powerful. In order for the statements to be impactful, they should not be overused (e.g. 102 statements in a 12 page document).

My default image
Type colors

Use brand primary colors for headlines, ensuring that our brand typography remains consistent and legible. Depending on the background color, we use headlines in our primary brand colors, HERE Aqua, HERE Gray or white.

The main colors for typography are a combination of HERE Aqua and Gray. Body copy is always HERE Gray or white, whereas HERE Aqua can be used as a highlight color.

In general, the HERE primary colors should be used for typography and they should always be dominant.

Secondary color headlines can be added for impact, structure or variation. Secondary colors can only be used for headlines and intro text.

Please make sure you respect the color ratio and keep the type legible.

Secondary color headline
Can only be used for impact, structure or variation.

Secondary color intro text
Can only be used for impact, structure or variation.

Legibility of the type
has to be ensured, do not use secondary color type on a secondary color background

Usage Examples

We've pulled together a variety of examples that illustrate ways that the HERE brand typeface can be used.

Download Assets

Typeface files package

There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with our new brand than by using it. Download the typeface and bring HERE to life.


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